The success and enjoyment of any endeavour undertaken is ultimately the result of many components coming together, totally focused on the same desired outcome.

The same is true of a Wine’s journey.

Whether it be the vineyard crew creating quality grapes, the the winery crew as custodians getting those amazing grapes into the wine they deserve to be, and finally the Wet Jacket Crew … each one as important as the others just playing different roles.

This amazing WJ crew is the conduit between the individual vineyard site (terroir) and the public (our customers). They are the great story tellers, brand ambassadors, passionate imbibers and just all round good humans … I feel very lucky to have them “on board”.

Signature - Greg Hay

Greg Hay


Olivia Hay

Deck Hand

Alison Vidoni

First Mate

Jaime Horne


Dan Kral